Flight Schools

Flight schools and Aero Language are closely cooperating together.  

Aviation English and ICAO English exams are services linking us together with flight schools and flight training. Flight schools providing flight training have to provide also the basic Aviation communication course which is in most cases linked to the flight training. In order the Flight school trainees to obtain the language proficiency, the aviation English course, and ICAO English exam are crucial for further provided at flight training. For non-complex flight schools, maintaining the language assessment body certificate in order to be able to provide the ICAO English exam and IFR English exam might not not be a cost-effective option.

After examiner training provided by Aero Language, your flight instructor or any other flight school staff member can provide the ICAO English exams or the IFR English exam to the trainees and students of enrolled in the flight training of your flight school.

Regulation No 1178/2011 („Part FCL“) requires all pilots and flight crew members to undergo the aviation communication exam before their first solo flight at the latest. Aviation regulations also require a separate aviation English exam - the IFR English exam of pilots performing IFR flights and exercising the privileges of their instrument rating.

Aero Language has all the required certificates and authorizations to provide both - the ICAO English exams and IFR English testing. On the basis of aviation training provided by Aero Language, flight instructor at your flight school is able to perform ICAO English exams immediately after the training right at your school and in real-time.

It is thus possible that pilots undertaking flight training at your flight school can undergo the ICAO English exam or the radio-phraseology exam before the flight training itself.

Your flight instructor can incorporate the aviation English course and aviation communication course into the ground training or theoretical knowledge instruction or long briefings before the actual flight training.

The ICAO English exam or the aviation communication exam can be provided ad-hoc directly at your flight school.

With no worries, with no need to plan in advance. Anytime your students need them, you are ready.

Further details of Aero Language B2B cooperation are tailored to the needs of the flight school and agreed on individually.