ICAO English dry lease

ICAO English Dry lease.

You're able to perform ICAO English exams on your own.

Aviation English dry lease

ICAO English dry lease and dry lease of language services provided by Aero Language is a simple way to keep your employees and flight crew members "current".

Language proficiency, which must most commonly be revalidated is the ICAO English exam. Depending on language proficiency - so-called ICAO English level of your pilots and flight crew members, the ICAO English qualification usually needs to be revalidated once in a time period. Hence, the ICAO English language proficiency exam doesn't need to be revalidated very often.

For most organizations, companies, and airlines, keeping their own Language assessment body - LAB certificate valid is usually not cost-effective.

However, when the ICAO English expiry date approaches, it's not often so easy to find a qualified language proficiency examiner. We understand that and offer ICAO English dry lease.

ICAO English dry lease and dry lease of our language services is, however, not limited to the ICAO English. It's possible to outsource any service we provide on a dry lease model - for example:

  • ICAO English exam
  • ICAO Slovak language exam
  • IFR English exam
  • VFR communication exam
  • radio-phraseology training

....and many more.

ICAO English dry lease is simple...

...we train your employee and officially back the ICAO English exams with our certificate. Every time the ICAO English expiry date of your pilots approaches, you're no longer limited by external examiners. Revalidating ICAO English exam will be provided by your own employee.

Who is ICAO English dry lease for?

Dry lease of our services is designed mainly for airlines, flight schools, or flying clubs. It is designed for everyone who needs to keep a number of pilots "current". ICAO English dry lease gives you an opportunity to focus on your business and gives you a great deal of flexibility when planning trainings and exams.