B2B Offers

Cooperation. Flexible, responsible, and professional.

Cooperation is an important element of our work. In Aero Language, we understand it's vital to get professional and high-quality service on time.

Thanks to our internal processes, we can get you the exam service right into your company and personalize it to your needs. Our ICAO English exams with the rest of our services will exceed the standards you were used to.

We were the first in Slovakia to get authorized to provide IFR English exams in accordance with EASA regulations in 2019. We seek to provide our services differently - better.

We have our own system of processing and monitoring the exams. The system takes care of the majority of processes. It allows the exams to be performed by a single examiner. Whether it's ours from Aero Language or yours, it's up to you.


Contact us and ask for a solution tailored to your needs.


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