IFR English

Many pilots confuse IFR English exam with ICAO English exam. In Aero Language we can tell the difference and we'll gladly provide you the IFR English training and the IR English exam.

IR English - FCL.055(d)

Commission regulation No 1178/2011 and its Part FCL - FCL.055(d) requires holders of instrument rating - IR or enroute instrument rating EIR to be able to:

  • understand all the information relevant to the accomplishment of all phases of a flight, including flight preparation
  • use radio telephony and aviation communication in all phases of flight, including the communication in emergency situations
  • communicate with other crew members during all phases of flight, including flight preparation

Commission regulation No 1178/2011 requires demonstration of IFR English language proficiency and the use of aviation English for instrument rating - IR or en-route instrument rating - EIR holders to be done through a method of assessment established by the competent national aviation authority (NAA).

The majority of national aviation authorities in Europe within EASA region nevertheless require the IR English exam or so-called IFR English - above the theoretical frameworks of ATPL exam and ICAO English exam.

IFR English exam in accordance with FCL.055(d) - is provided solely in English language.

Following an example of implementation of the IFR English language proficiency within one of the EASA member coutries:

One of the prerequisites for making a IFR English language proficiency endorsement in your flight crew license is a successful theoretical ATP exam may only be available in English language.

Another prerequisite is a license skill test (LST) with instrument rating examiner - IRE(A) for acquisition of IR(A) instrument rating in English language using the aviation communication in English.