ICAO English license endorsement

ICAO English license endorsement depends on your SOLI.

ICAO English endorsements by EU and EASA member states

Aero Language provides aviation English language services in accordance with both - ICAO Doc 9835 and Ec 1178/2011, Part-FCL EASA FCL.055.

As a result of harmonized regulations and requirements of EASA countries, Aero Language issued ICAO English language certificates are accepted and recognized by all EASA countries without any issues.

Slight difference among the EASA member countries is when it comes to the validity of ICAO English. Some countries are using the validity pattern commonly known from flight crew license ratings and qualifications. So the validity of the ICAO English is until the end of the month + respective amount of months.

Some other EASA member countries have adopted the pattern which assumes the validity starting by the day of the exam + respective amount of months.

Nevertheless our self-developed Aero Language ADMIN system deals automatically with such differences.

I am from France, what to do?

For DGAC flight license holders with endorsed instrument rating, it is mandatory to assess the aviation IR English skills during each and every ICAO English language proficiency exam. Aero Language and all the language proficiency examiners are aware of such procedures and Aero Language ADMIN system issues automatically the required certificates.

Third countries (non-EASA, non-EU)

Aero Language ICAO English testing procedures are in compliance with international regulations and ICAO Doc 9835 requirements. We provide exams for flight crew license holders of ICAO member countries and non-EASA countries.