ICAO English license endorsement

ICAO English license ednorsement depends on who issued your license.

State of license issue - SOLI decides about the entry into your license.

ICAO English endorsements by EU and EASA member states

Aero Language provides aviation English language services pursuant to EU Commission Regulation number 1178/2011, part FCL - FCL.055.

As a result of harmonized regulations and requirements of EASA countries, our aviation English language certificates are accepted and recognized in most of the EASA countries.

Switzerland and France

For FOCA and DGAC license holders, we provide only ICAO English Level 4 and ICAO English Level 5 aviation English exams. We are not authorized to provide aviation English exams up to ICAO English Level 6 exams for Switzerland and France.

Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary

The majority of national aviation authorities fully accept and recognize the aviation English certificates issued by Aero Language. There are several national aviation authorities in Germany and all of them - including the LBA with nationwide operation - accept our aviation English certificates.

Slovak Republic

The Transport Authority of Slovak republic directly supervises our activities. Transport Authority is EASA and ICAO complaint and recognized. Due to the fact that our Language assessment body approval is issued by the Transport Authority, we provide aviation English exams and ICAO English exams for holders of professional licenses issued by the Transport Authority with no restrictions.

On a successful completion of language proficiency aviation English exam at Aero Language, you need to submit the written application Transport Authority to endorse your ICAO English qualification into your flight crew license.

If you need ICAO English revalidation, we are not authorized to endorse your ICAO English qualification personally. In most of the countries, the hand-endorsement is possible. To revalidate your license, you need to send a request to the Transport Authority to issue a new license.

Third countries (non-EASA, non-EU)

Our procedures are in compliance with international regulations and ICAO requirements. We provide exams for license holders of ICAO member countries and non-EASA countries.

Applicants from the former Eastern countries eg. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus etc. accept Aero Language certificates with no restrictions.