ICAO English demo

ICAO English Demo exam gives you an opportunity to take a mock an aviation English exam. ICAO English demo can be realized on distance basis (ie via Skype) or in person.

ICAO English exam might be scarecrow for many candidates. Especially if you are going to attend the ICAO English exam  for the very first time. Exam candidates usually don't know what to expect from the ICAO English exam. Fear often stems from the lack of experience. That's why Aero Language has designed the ICAO English DEMO exam program.

ICAO English Demo online

Aero Language introduces an ICAO English demo exam. By interviewing our language proficiency examiner you will undergo a simulated ICAO English exam. At the end of the session, you should become aware of:

  • your approximate language proficiency in accordance with ICAO and EASA language proficiency scale - ICAO/EASA English level
  • what needs to be improved in your English
  • what to expect from the real ICAO English exam

For those interested in personal contact, ICAO English demo exam can be done personally with any language proficiency examiner from Aero Language network.

ICAO English demo exam is non-binding and cannot be used for English language proficiency license endorsement.

If your language proficiency skills are sufficient, you can continue to apply for the ICAO English exam in Aero Language. If our Language proficiency Examiner recommends further training to improve your language proficiency skills, Aero Language offers an in-house ICAO English refresh seminar program designed specifically for the language proficiency exam preparation.

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