ICAO Slovak language proficiency exam

Besides the aviation English, Aero Language is only one in Europe authorized to perform ICAO language exam in Slovak language.

One of the exclusive service we - in Aero Language - provide is ICAO exam in Slovak language.

Aviation English and ICAO English is the most commonly used ICAO international aviation language. However, it is not the only ICAO language. Russian, French, and many more are also internationally recognized ICAO languages.

One of the reasons why to attend the ICAO Slovak exam is a license transfer from one country to Slovakia where languages differ.

Change of state of license issue (SOLI)

A Czech citizen has undergone the flight training in the flight school and received the license in Austria and wants to transfer it to Slovak republic.

Czech speaking pilot has received Austrocontrol-issued flight crew license, they have no knowledge of german language, and the Austrocontrol does not examine language proficiency in Czech language nor Slovak language. Therefore, the flight crew license contains only information on ICAO English.

During the license transfer, however, there might be a requirement to have a license entry for Slovak language proficiency as well if a pilot wants to exercise his privileges in Slovak language as well.

In these cases, Aero Language can provide assistance and arrange language proficiency examination of pilots in languages different than English language.