ICAO and EASA English Exam - Application Form

Do you need ICAO English exam, EASA English exam, or other aviation English exam?

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Exam application form (PDF)

If you need a aviation English language exam, let us know. Contact us and decide on where and when the aviation English exam will be carried out.

We publish several dates in various locations on a monthly basis. If none of them is suitable for you, agree an individual date and place - we are flexible. We just need to be informed 24 hours beforehand to accommodate the examination.

All aviation English language proficiency exams - including ICAO English exam and EASA IFR English exam - must be initiated by you by sending us the application form.

The ICAO English application form can be filled out online, or in PDF format, however, it must be signed latest before the aviation Exam at the venue of the test. An alternative way is filling out the form and handing it over to our language proficiency examiner before the start of the ICAO English exam or EASA IFR English exam.

By signing the ICAO English application form, you also agree with retrieval and processing of your personal data for internal purposes of ProfiPilot, s.r.o.