ICAO Aviation English exam

Aviation English exam in accordance with ICAO requirements - ICAO English with Aero Language is very simple and straight forward. No written ICAO exams.

Aero Language is approved and provides aviation English exams and language proficiency exams in accordance with ICAO requirements - for two different languages. It is either ICAO English language or ICAO Slovak language.

The contents of the language proficiency exams of both languages are same. We fulfill and respect the ICAO Doc 9835 requirements while conducting the language proficiency exams and especially the ICAO English exam. The ICAO language proficiency exam consists of a number of thematic core competencies and Exam candidates are rated with several attributes.

Each attribute is rated by an examiner on a ICAO language proficiency rating scale from ICAO language Level 1 to ICAO language Level 6. This values are so-called "ICAO language LEVEL". The lowest ICAO language Level gained within the respective sections is the final LEVEL of your ICAO language proficiency exam.

Examiner focuses mainly on Exam candidate's:

  • pronunciation
  • grammatical and sentence structures
  • vocabulary
  • spoken fluency
  • comprehension
  • interaction