EASA English exam validity

Aviation English and communication exam

Aviation English and aviation communication exams conducted in accordance with EASA requirements have lifetime validity. You do not have to revalidate nor renew it. For instrument rating IFR pilots, the EASA IFR English exam (IFR English) is required only before its first flight crew license endorsement.

Instrument rating will not be endorsed into the EASA flight crew license without the successfully passed EASA IFR English exam.


Upon successful completion of the exam, IFR English language proficiency does not have to be revalidated or renewed. It is endorsed together with the Instrument rating (IR qualification).

A similar process comes with VFR communication and EASA VFR English. VFR communication exam, so-called the EASA VFR English is required only before the first solo flight - as a general rule in the private pilot - PPL flight training.

On completion of the EASA aviation English exam, you become a holder of license to communicate in a given language in which you took the language proficiency exam - the aviation English exam.