EASA Aviation IR English exam

Aviation IR English exam by Aero Language in accordance with EASA FCL.055(d).

Aviation English - EASA IR English

Language proficiency examiner simulates aviation communication using standard IFR aviation phraseology between a pilot and an air traffic controller. The examiner rates the IR aviation English exam in real-time. The specific scenario of IR aviation English exam is within the discretion of an examiner

As a part of the aviation communication - aviation IR English, the examiner focuses mainly on your ability to respond timely, correctly and in standardized manner to the following situations during simulated IFR operations:

  • listening and comprehension of ATIS, flight planning
  • initial contact with ATC and ATC clearence
  • taxi clearance
  • emergency procedures during taxiing
  • take-off clearance
  • departure procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • alternate airport diversion planing
  • holding procedures (entries into holding pattern)
  • maintaining holding patterns
  • approach procedures
  • landing clearance and vacating of the runway
  • apron taxiing
  • runway incursion prevention
  • engine shut-down