Aviation English and ICAO English Certificate

By passing the Aviation English exam, You get a nice souvenir.

Aviation English Certificate

After a successful aviation English exam, you will be issued a Language proficiency Certificate.

Based on the aviation English Certificate, you can apply the national aviation authority (your state of license issue - SOLI) to endorse your acquired ICAO English level and language proficiency into your flight crew license. For example, you will apply for ICAO EnglishVFR aviation English, or IFR aviation English to be endorsed into your flight crew license.

In person, by post, or by email

We will deliver your Language proficiency Certificate depending on the kind of the aviation English exam. If you took the aviation English exam in person and a language proficiency rater was present, you most probably receive the Language proficiency certificate immediately.

If you took the Language proficiency exam distance mode or no language proficiency rater was present, we will send you the Language proficiency Certificate by post or email.

A detailed description of validity length in compliance with all regulations will be attached to the Language proficiency Certificate.

I lost my Language proficiency certificate :(

No problem at all. All aviation English exams, their results, and issued Language proficiency certificates are stored and archived. Just give us a call and we will re-issue the Language proficiency certificate. again.