Aviation English and ICAO English Certificate

By passing the Aviation English exam, You get a nice souvenirs.

ICAO English Certificate

After a successful aviation English exam, you will be issued a Language proficiency CertificateAero Language issues language proficiency certificates automatically.

ICAO English certificateWe will deliver your Language proficiency Certificate by email. Carefully designed and self-made Aero Language ADMIN system issues ICAO English language proficiency certificates automatically. In your notification email, you will also find:

  • your official ICAO English language proficiency certificate
  • logbook endorsement to be sticked in your memoranda pages
  • temporary language proficiency certificate especially important for LAPL/PPL/SPL student pilots

Language proficiency certificate contains Appendix with detailed description of validity periods in compliance with all associated regulations. Language proficiency certificates issued by Aero Language contains also the QR code for easier tracking and verification of your certificate.

I lost my Language proficiency certificate :(

No problem at all. All aviation English exams, their results, and issued Language proficiency certificates are stored and archived by Aero Language ADMIN system. In addition you have your language proficiency certificate attached also to your notification email. Nevertheless, Aero Language is all paper-less, so your ICAO English will be easily tracked. You can also use your specific QR code. Easy as it is.