Aviation English

Aero Language provides aviation English training and English exam services. We teach pilots and make sure they can use it in practice.

It's the basis of our work.

Aviation English - that's what we are doing

Our clients are most often interested in ICAO English exam for pilots, so-called ICAO English language proficiency or EASA English as well.

In Aero Language, we provide aviation English exam for pilots and aviation English exam for air traffic controllers. We also provide language proficiency training for cabin crew and other aviation professionals.

Languace proficiency certificates issued by Aero Language are issued in accordance with both - ICAO and EASA standards. Due to this fact, aviation English exam provided by Aero Language is valid internationally. ICAO English exams are recognized by all the national aviation authorities in Europe.

International team of trainers, examiners, and rates secures aviation English exams in Slovak and English languages.

Sharing the aviation English

Aero Language aspires to provide its services to a large number of diverse clients.  All our services are also available on business-to-business concept. We understand that for many businesses maintaining their certificates for language proficiency exam valid can be unprofitable. Therefore, we offer wet leasing and dry leasing of our services.

Thanks to our internal and open network of language proficiency examiners, practically anyone can become a holder of language proficiency authorization. Within self-designed and self-developed web-based online platform, we therefore create a community of professionals providing language proficiency training and exams internationally.