What do I get after exam?

After a successful ICAO English exam, or any other aviation language exam - e.g. radio-phraseology exam or IR English - you are issued a Language proficiency certificate

The Language proficiency certificate is an official document confirming your language proficiency and skills. You can also use the certificate as a proof of your aviation language proficiency for airlines, air operators, and national civil aviation authorities. The Language proficiency certificate issued by Aero Language is valid internationally.

Apart from your name, the certificate of language proficiency contains the type of exam - e.g. ICAO English, the level attained, and the expiration period.

Based on our Language proficiency certificate issued by us, the competent national aviation authority may subsequently endorse your language qualification into the flight crew license - pilot license.

Language proficiency - the ICAO English, the IFR radio-phraseology exam, and the VFR radio-phraseology exam are all endorsed into the pilot license.

Pilot license - flight crew license is therefore another document proving your language proficiency skills.