With an over 11-year-long history, ProfiPilot's experience speaks for itself. We were the first to introduce the issues of flight training and flight schools to a wide public in Slovakia using the famous web magazine.

Early days of ProfiPilot

ProfiPilot was founded in 2007 - originally as a web portal and on-line magazine. The main aim of was the introduction of flight training and flight schools issues. For many years since its establishment, was the only website in Slovak language with complex, comprehensive, and professional information available for both pilots and laymen regarding flight training and flight schools. It has been available in Slovak language, clearly and comprehensibly for everyone. The site has been a popular place for lay and professional discussions, articles, and share photos.

In years 2009 and 2012, online magazine underwent a complex rebranding resulting in changes in design and logo.

ProfiPilot know-how

Circumstances led to an establishment of ProfiPilot as a limited company in 2011. In 2019, ProfiPilot, s.r.o. received license for providing specialized language proficiency training and aviation English exams. ProfiPilot is entitled to provide the  ICAO English exams as well as EASA English exams. Both aviation English exams are provided by ProfiPilot under the Aero Language brand.

Apart from the ICAO English language courses, we provide training and examination of aviation phraseology - the aviation communication.

We hold certificates which allow us to supervise several projects in areas of aviation and pilot services.

ProfiPilot runs a wide range of web projects in the area of aviation.

Founder of ProfiPilot - has been behind several successful aviation projects - for example the first flight school in Bratislava (Opera Jet), its unofficial offspring - flight school Bratislava JetAge, and many more. The establishment of both projects were supervised by Milan directly.

Lots of information brought on by magazine on its website has been taken over and used by several flight schools without Milan's consent as were articles published elsewhere personally by Milan.

ProfiPilot brand, ProfiPilot logo, and Aero Language logo are registered trademarks.

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