Online ICAO English testing

There are several qualities which make us stand apart from other providers of aviation English and ICAO English exams. To start with one - our priority is to provide the best quality of services possible.

On-line ICAO English exam

From the beginnings - among the few in Europe - Aero Language wanted to provide ICAO English exam on distance (online) basis. We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to undertake ICAO English exam and aviation English exam from the comfort of their home.

Apart from the online mode of aviation English and ICAO English exam, Aero Language wanted to provide an opportunity to undertake IFR English online as well.

On-line aviation English and communication courses

Aero Language provides ICAO Aviation English courses, EASA English courses, and Language proficiency examiner trainings online. Preparation courses for ICAO English exam, IFR English and qualification courses for Language proficiency examiner can be taken from the comfort of your home using the skype or any other means of the on-line communication.

To take part in the online courses, you will need:

  • a phone, a tablet, or a computer with Zoom
  • a stable internet connection

Rating expiration oversight

All examinations which provided by Aero Language are monitored and stored in carefully designed and created electronic workflow administration system. Some exams - especially the ICAO English exam (with an exemption of Level 6 for pilots) - have limited time validity.

Aero Language ADMIN system checks validity of language qualifications and their expiry dates on a daily basis. If the expiry date approaches, we notify you. Our system sends an e-mail notification which lets you know that a new examination to revalidate the ICAO English certification is needed.