Language proficiency examiner (LPE)

You will be meeting Aero Language clients and make sure their needs are met. If needed, you might search for new potential clients. As a language examiner, you will be examining pilots and other professionals. You will be making decisions whether their language proficiency is sufficient to fly planes full of passengers.

You main responsibilities will be ICAO English and IR English examinations.

Language proficiency examiner (LPE)

The job is suitable for students, English language teachers, or aviation enthusiasts. The training required for the aviation language proficiency examiner qualification will be provided by our company.

What we expect

  • excellent knowledge of English language
  • experience in any area of aviation
  • readiness to work independently
  • any experience from flight school (FTO/ATO) or airline is advantageous (not a requirement)
  • holding ICAO English language proficiency is advantageous (not a requirement)
  • pilot license (PPL will suffice) is advantageous (not a requirement)
  • experience in language testing is advantageous (not a requirement)

What you can expect from us

Expect professionalism and specialist training. Do not expect starchy treatment nor amateurism.

  • job for self-employed
  • negotiable salary
  • commissions
  • opportunity to take part in further professional development
  • own workshops
  • professional approach
  • team of aviation professionals

You will...

  • provide language proficiency examinations to pilots and other aviation professionals
  • evaluate their language proficiency
  • proactively search for potential clients interested in language examination and language proficiency training
  • take care of your clients' needs