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We dedicate ourselves to do what we do with joy, enthusiasm, and a high level of professionalism. We do what we love and we aim to outperform old models of doing business. We carefully keep the quality of our work and services which we provide at the highest levels.

If you see it the same way, we will gladly read Your resumé.

We welcome new impulses. Rather than a company, first and foremost, we are a community of people from aviation business - ranging from professionals to laymen interested in aviation. We have brought several innovations to Slovakia. Even though we faced mockery and doubting, in 2011 we established a flight school in Bratislava. After ten years, in 2019, we became the first organization in Slovakia to provide IR English examinations.

We have always been dealing with business matters differently and we want to continue doing that.

We put a great value on the notion of good company culture. Everyone talks about it, still, it is only scarcely seen in aviation business. We like to see each other as friends rather than colleagues.

If you think our philosophy is close to yours, take a look at our open positions and let us know about yourself. If you think you would fit into our team from a different position, write us.

Job opportunities for self-employed professionals:

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Still not sure?

Just some reasons to join us:

  • Wide range of opportunities. We like new ideas, fresh energy, and new ways of looking at issues. Your thoughts will be welcome.
  • We are not restricted to one country.
  • We are a team of professionals. But we are people in the first place.