Aero Language

We speak the common language - the aviation EnglishAero Language

No nation speaks it - all pilots understand it

Aero Language - the name of our brand reflects our main subject - Aviation language, which represents the aviation English and aviation language in general. The language is a complex of standardized messages, abbreviations, and formulations. It is spoken by all pilots. Or at least, it should be...

Aero Language is the Language testing body of your first choice.

From the very beginning of flight training, instructors encourage all future pilots to communicate on aircraft band frequencies. Radio-phraseology and communication are subjects to several examinations.

But what if students reproduce mistakes and deficiencies of their teachers?

What do we want?

Aero Language originated as a project providing the aviation training and examination in the area of language proficiency. We train, we examine, and if needed, we train again. We want the aviation language to be used correctly.

We recognize our company culture and gentlemen's agreements - values which had been long time missing from business practice.

The aims of Aero Language are:

  • to provide complex aviation language services
  • to train professionals to communicate and keep their language proficiency valid
  • to provide and preserve excellent standards of aviation language services
  • to form and innovate our services so they are always relevant to people and their needs
  • to work openly and transparently

We speak the common language

"Speaking the common language" is out motto. We want to speak and teach people speaking the common - aviation language. For pilots and other aviation professionals, the aviation language is a ligua franca as is Latin for medical practitioners.

Who are we?

We are pilots and other professionals from aviation. Team Aero Language comprises professionals from several areas of aviation. Some of us come from Slovakia, some of us are internationals from literally all around the Europe and world. After long years of professional experience, we decided to provide aviation language services. However, we decided to do it differently and move quality standards beyond the standards in the business before.

In their former positions, the members of our team brought a number of innovations and new services. We continue this trend also in Aero Language project.

Aero Language is a brand

We have our identity. Our name, our color, our signature. Aero Language is a registered trademark which provides aviation language services under the limited company ProfiPilot, s.r.o.. Aero Language project came into existence in 2018 with aim to provide:

If you would like to know more about our work, we are always happy to meet You personally.