Pilot Examination - Flight Examiner

We also provide EASA skill tests, license proficiency checks and instructor assessments of competence our flight examiners revalidate and renew aviation qualifications and ratings.

In ProfiPilot, we provide complex services for pilots under one roof. Apart from the ICAO English exam, our examiners are entitled to perform practical exams of pilots - license skill tests and license proficiency checks in accordance with Regulation No 1178/2011 Part FCL.

We perform hundreds of professional license proficiency checks, instructor assessments of competence, and skill tests a year.

The examiners are authorized to perform the following exams: (skill testslicense proficiency checks, and assessments of competence-

Revalidation and renewal of class ratings, type ratings and instructor certificates:

Obtaining of class ratings, type ratings, instructor certificates and flight crew licenses: