Language Proficiency Exam Process

Comfortably, professionally, no pressure, no stress.

So simple, it can't get any simpler.

You agree on the place of the examination with our examiner beforehand. In Aero Language, we do not insist on office spaces, we are flexible and if needed, we can provide language proficiency exam even at your place.

Our examiner will be waiting at the agreed place with all materials and documents ready to go.


Say, for example, at 08:45, you arrive to an agreed place. With a cup of coffee or a glass of water in your hand, you get through needed administration and check the documents. The examiner explains the process of exam, then to the business...

At 09:00, the examination begins.

In around half an hour, the examination is done. If everything went smoothly, you leave the place holding certificate of language proficiency. If you had an ad-hoc date, we send you the certificate via email within few days.

It can't get any simpler :)