Flight examiner

We can extend your examiner competencies

Flight examiners are certified pursuant to European Commission Regulation No 1178/2011. Every flight examiner is a holder of their own certificate issued by a responsible transport authority.

In Aero Language, we went a bit further and linked language proficiency exam with practical exam provided by a flight examiner.

The principle is, again, very simple. If you're a flight examiner, we can provide you a training extending your examiner competencies. This way, you'll be able to provide a complex service to your clients ranging from practical exam to language exam.

If, for example, client's ICAO English is about to expire, you'll be able to revalidate the proficiency before or after the practical exam.

If you're a holder of an flight examiner certificate - instrument rating examiner - IRE(A), you'll be able to provide IFR English exam before the practical skill test IFR. We're the only provider of this exam in Slovakia and the exam is a prerequisite for endorsing your IFR qualification into the pilot license.

You can therefore provide the IFR English exam, or the ICAO English exam on an ad-hoc basis right at the place where you provide the practical exams. The exam provided by you will be valid internationally.

With no worries and no need to plan in advance - anytime your applicant needs their practical exam done.

Specific details of B2B cooperation are agreed on individual basis.


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