Offers for aircraft operators

We'll keep the ICAO English language proficiency of your pilots valid. We'll secure complex service ranging from aviation English training, aviation English exam, to ICAO English validity monitoring.

It doesn't matter whether you're a flying club, a private company owning an airplane, or any other commercial air transport (CAT) operator. Pilots flying your airplanes need the ICAO English exam.

We offer B2B cooperation for you and your pilots as well – the ICAO English exams.

ICAO English exams of pilots can be provided as a turnkey project.

ICAO English exams can be provided by, for example, one of your pilots whom we'll train specifically for this purpose. In case of interest, the ICAO English exams can also be provided by our examiner of language proficiency.

We're able to provide the ICAO English exam during the routine refresher ground school training before flying club's active season.

Thanks to our service – the ICAO English exam - your pilots will have the aviation language proficiency valid in accordance with the international requirements.

Further details of B2B cooperation are tailored to your needs and agreed on individually.