Offers for Airlines

We cooperate with airlines keeping pilots "current".

We monitor ICAO English validity.

ICAO English language proficiency of pilots is as important as is the medical exam and the type rating.

We provide ICAO English exam for air crew on a turnkey basis (wet lease) or for dry lease.

English language proficiency today is a must. Therefore, we provide also the ICAO English exam pursuant to the ICAO norms not just for pilots, but also for cabin crew, and other professions (mechanics, handling agents, technicians, flight dispatcher...).

ICAO English exam for pilots and cabin crew can be performed as soon as during the selection procedure.

A staff member of your HR department can perform aviation English exams of pilots and cabin crew as a language proficiency examiner even during job interviews. The recordings are then rated by our rater. Hence, we'll assess the level of applicants' proficiency impartially.

In case of ICAO English revalidation, the exam can be performed during company trainings, e.g. CRM. This way, your airline will save time and ultimately money as well.

The ICAO English exam can be performed either by a staff member of your airline whom we'll train (dry lease), or by our examiner of language proficiency (wet lease).

Thanks to our services, your airline will have the ICAO English proficiency of your staff secured in accordance with the international regulations.

Further details of B2B cooperation are tailored to needs of your airline and agreed on individually.