About ProfiPilot

With an over 11-year-long history, ProfiPilot's experience speaks for itself. We were the first to introduce the issues of flight training to a wide public in Slovakia.

About Aero Language

We speak the common language - the Aviation language

No nation speaks it - all pilots understand it

Aviation language

The standard is essential.

Aviation language might not be officially standardized, still, all pilots understand and speak it fluently.

Online services

There are several qualities which make us stand apart from other providers of ICAO English exams. To start with one - our priority is to provide the best quality of services possible.

ProfiPilot TSP Certificates

ProfiPilot holds a TSP approval certificate issued by the Transport Authority of Slovak republic. ProfiPilot provides the language and TSP services under the Aero Language brand.

Corporate Identity

We have our own identity.

The outer one and the inner one.

The visual  - the brand and the invisible one, which is our company culture.

Job Opportunities

We dedicate ourselves to do what we do with joy, enthusiasm, and a high level of professionalism. We do what we love and we aim to outperform old models of doing business. We carefully keep the quality of our work and services which we provide at the highest levels.

If you see it the same way, we will gladly read Your resumé.